december 2017 29
The Banja Luka Half Marathon Enters 2018 With Five Stars – 4th Banja Luka Half Marathon Will Be Held on May 12

The Banja Luka Half marathon received "five stars”, a certificate from EA (European Athletics) for quality and safety in organising event, which acts as an assurance of the highest standards for roadrunners throughout Europe.

As announced by the Federation of European Athletics, the race in Banja Luka received a maximum of 5 stars for the overall fulfilment of 54 athletic categories, among which are high quality event organisation and high level of technical organisation, certified running course and maximum safety of runners.

"Preparations for the organisation of the 4th Banjaluka Half marathon have already started and are in line with the planning, and in cooperation with many institutions and businesses that traditionally take part in the organisation of this complex sporting event. This year, the Banjaluka Half marathon has a new “Run & more weekend” concept. We have a new course, we have a total of 5 races and we expect Banja Luka from 11th trough May 13th. to be the canter of sports, education, culture, socialising, music and good energy” announced the organisers of the Banja Luka Half-Marathon. They also added that the recognition of the European Athletics is a big incentive and that it has arrived at the right time for the preparation of this great sporting event in our city.

Evropska atletika