december 2017 19
New Race Road of Banja Luka Half Marathon Approved by Aims

The new course, which will be ran through at 4th Banja Luka Half Marathon, on May 12, 2018, has been officially approved by AIMS. The new half marathon course has been measured by AIMS official measurers, last week. The Measurement Certificate means that Banja Luka Half Marathon course is on the list of marathon courses, and results achieved on it can be used for Olympic norms, national, continental and world records.

On the certified Banja Luka course, and at the 4th Banjaluka Half Marathon, in addition to personal records, qualifying times for the Olympic Games and World Championships can also be achieved, as well as the results for some of the world's major marathons that require qualifying times like New York and Boston.

According to the Banja Luka Half Marathon organizers, the new course is much more attractive than the previous one and includes almost all the alleys and Banja Luka settlements, and this time, the finish line will be at the Kastel fortress.

The new track, at the same time, is an opportunity for our runners, who know Banja Luka well, to meet the standards for participation in the big world races.

Visit and register for the 4th race, scheduled for Saturday, May 12, 2018.

Nova staza, kojom će se 12. maja 2018. godine trčati na 4. Banjalučkom polumaratonu, dobila je i zvanično sertifikat AIMS-a